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Course in Reflexology - 'Foot Massage'

Foot massage is a technique belonging to the field of Holistic Medicine, which

stimulates the body’s organic, lymphatic, nervous and muscular systems. Our feet reflect all parts of the body, according to real and specific correspondences and this makes it possible to reach these parts through a reflexive action.

According to reflexology  the human body is a sensitive organism which – in order to keep its vitality and thus  a perfect state of health - should maintain in perfect balance all of its components. Through reflexology we can intervene on the main problems, due to stress or to other types of tensions, by relaxing and invigorating the whole body, working on the Feet. Furthermore one may intervene with estreme efficacy on the lymphatic, cardio-vascular, reproductive, nervous and muscular systems.


Attendance to the Course is open to all those people who are interested in Foot Massage for professional reasons, as well as to those who wish to attain a deeper knowledge of themselves and other people.


Petra Klein’s Course in Reflexology is recognized by the Ministry of  Health as ECM Formative Credits for Physiotherapists and Massophysiotherapists, since the professional training in Reflexology creates operators  who are experts in techniques of health education as well as of illness prevention.

Through the ‘reading’ of the foot and the identification of affected parts of the organism, ‘Foot Massage’ becomes one of the most efficient  techniques of verification  in the field of Natural Medicine. Expert operators can apply ‘Foot Massage’ both in their  private professional activity  and as a support to a doctor’s activity.




Programme of the course of Reflexology – ‘Foot Massage’

pianta piede

Session One

  • Reflexology: what it is and how it works
  • Origins of ‘Foot Massage’
  • The concept of reflex zones
  • Map of reflex zones in the feet:
    • Zones of the head
    • Zones of the respiratory apparatus
  • Finger techniques and relaxation techniques.

Session two

  • Map of reflex zones in the feet:
    • Zones of the Digestive Apparatus
    • Lymphatic System
    • Blood circulation
  • Description of the treatment's sequence
  • The five elements of Chinese Medicine

Session three

  • Map of reflex zones in the feet:
    • Uro-genital apparatus
    • Spine
  • Study of the various alterations in the reflex zones
  • How to 'read' the foot/li>

Session Four

  • Reflexology as preventative medicine
  • New techniques of application
  • Digestive apparatus and its connections
  • The regulatory systems of the 'functional circles'
  • Correlation between the teeth and the whole of the organism



Course in Metamorphic Technique


piede e farfalla

The Metamorphic Technique is a simple and versatile approach to personal growth. It is an undemanding form of contact that enables the recipient to become sensitised to his own needs and recources, bringing about the possibility of a positive movement of change on both a physical and psychological level. A light touch is applied to specific areas of the feet, hands and head to loosen deeply-rooted energy blockages within the individual. 

The practice essentially empowers the individual to let go of old ways of being, thereby releasing the potential for transformation and creative growth.

This Technique is pleasant and relaxing and can be used on people of all ages, from infancy to old age.

Programme of the course of The Metamorphic Technique:

  • The principle of Metamorphosis
  • Life  energy as the great healer
  • The importance of the feet in ancient medicine
  • The practise of the Metamorphic Tecnique on the feet, on the hands and on the head
  • Prenatal development from pre-conception to birth
  • The influence on our life of the way we are born
  • Different ways of birth
  • The reflexpoint of the conception